i've always loved you...

kadence mae

i'm a twenty yearold firecracker & an aspiring cosmetologist. the number one love in my life is dance and has been for the past 16 years. my motto will always be live life with no regrets, only memories and i intend to take that and run with it aslong as i possibly can. i am a girl with one of the biggest attitudes you will ever come across and if you don't like it then i don't really give a fckk. xo twitter


makeup, california, $$$, hello kitty, tanning, glitter, lana del rey, texting, animal print, hockey, jerseylicious, long hair, partying, beaches, pink, barbie, shopping, T&A, country music, playboy, tattoos, uggs, audrey hepburn, starbucks, piercings, american horror story, alcohol, juicy, baseball, candles, victorias secret, weed, mermaids, boys, sushi, the kardashians, disney, bikinis, mean girls, diamonds, cars, betsey johnson, puppies, bows, lululemon, concerts, high heels, scary movies, wine, acrylic nails, flowers, traveling.

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